VAST’s Accounting Clerk extraordinaire. Anne is often the first point of contact for clients and has quickly slid into the invaluable role as “the doer of things to be done.”

Anne started with VAST in late February. Although born in Germany, Anne grew up in Sweden. But Europe itself couldn’t contain her adventurous spirit.

“My husband and I, when we met, decided to travel. But agreeing on where — that took some negotiation,” said Anne. “He wanted to go to Sweden, I wanted to go to Spain, and neither of us liked one another’s plan, so we started down the list of places to go, and the first country we could agree on was Canada. We travelled around Canada for seven months, lived in our van, and worked our way across the country.”

After returning to Germany, where Anne and her husband had their daughter and then moving to Sweden, they decided Canada held their heart. They moved to Labrador, Newfoundland, in 2016.

“My husband was a mechanic at the time, which helped us to immigrate and it was lovely in Lab City, but we wanted a bit warmer of a climate so moved to Squamish for about four years. Last November, my husband received a job offer in Cranbrook, and it looked like a great, affordable community surrounded by adventure — so here we are.”

With a post-secondary background in hotel management and wilderness tourism, Anne brings strong organizational, interpersonal, and administrative skills to her work as an accounting clerk.

“I’m learning a lot of new things, which I really like, and the people I work with are super nice. Professionally, it’s a good spot for me to be,” said Anne. “And personally, we love the area. We’re a very outdoorsy family and can’t wait to get out hiking, kayaking, and just continuing to explore the mountains, trails, and lakes.”

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