Services & Sectors

Cranbrook Environmental Services


With an emphasis on blending success with resiliency, our work is focused on environmental stewardship and conservation. We are advocates for science and reason, believing that through creativity, innovation, and adaptive management, we can support the growth of our industries and communities while preserving our unique environments and natural resources.

VAST is a regional specialist, championing our team’s diverse skills and expertise to deliver professional and practical science-based solutions that advance complex environmental projects across multiple industries.

VAST’s multi-disciplinary team of professionals provides services in:

  • Aquatic & Terrestrial Biology
  • Environmental Assessment & Permitting
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Reclamation
Cranbrook Engineering Services


VAST is a regional expert, providing technical and professional services for complex geotechnical, hydrotechnical, hydrology and resource engineering projects in the Kootenays.

We skillfully manage all phases of project planning and execution through a personalized approach to client service. Our diverse team has unique local knowledge of soils, hydrology, geomorphology, climate, regulatory requirements, and municipal bylaws, as well as access to an extensive regional professional network.

VAST’s multi-disciplinary team of professionals provides services in:

  • Geotechnical Engineering & Assessments
  • Hydrologic Assessments & Hydrotechnical Design
  • Landslide & Geohazard Assessments
  • Resource Road, Bridge & Culvert Design
Cranbrook Geomatics & Surveying Services

Geomatics & Surveying

VAST’s Geomatics and Survey team provide customized digital mapping, database management, and topographic survey solutions that allow site-specific and landscape-level analysis and decision making.

Our Geographic Information System (GIS), Computer-Aided Design (CAD), and Survey teams have 120 years of combined geomatics experience.

Our certified RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) drone pilots use industry-level technology to acquire aerial imagery and data that produce detailed, accurate, and reliable topographical and site surveys.

VAST is committed to providing exceptional client value by delivering cost-effective, practical, and innovative solutions, with uncompromising quality and care.

VAST’s multi-disciplinary team of professionals provides services in:

  • Full-Service Survey Solutions
  • Remote Sensing & Data Acquisition
  • Geomatics Processing, Integration & Analysis

  • Design & Drafting
Cranbrook Forestry Services


VAST Resource Solutions specialize in forest development, silviculture, and sustainable forest management. Our extensive scope of services includes resource road engineering, forest development planning, recreation trail development, forest health surveys, and forest fuel management.

From initial project planning and stakeholder liaison to managing operations and fulfilling regulatory requirements, VAST has a proven track record of providing exceptional client service and delivering projects on time, in scope and on budget. Our clients range from private landowners to corporations working to meet the global demand for sustainable green building products.

VAST’s multi-disciplinary team of professionals provides services in:

  • Forest Development & Silviculture
  • Permitting & Regulatory Requirements
  • Forest Health Assessments
  • Timber Permitting, Sales, Development & Product Marketing

Thanks to the diverse expertise of our 55+ in-house staff of scientists, engineers, technicians, and foresters, as well as our extensive professional network and local knowledge, VAST has emerged as a first-choice advisor, depended on to manage complex projects across multiple industries.