Sustainability & Community

VAST delivers clean, clear, and clever solutions that meet the demands of today while planning for a sustainable tomorrow. We work with the natural environment to create a better future for people, and the places we inhabit. Knowing that sustainability begins with us, as a company we:

  • Transitioned to paperless, wherever possible

  • Implemented a workplace recycling system
  • Carpool to work sites
  • Use LED Bulbs and encourage energy-saving practices
  • Provide reusable cups, mugs, and dishes
  • Reducing GHG emissions via implementation of a long-term remote and hybrid working arrangement

We are a globally responsible and locally actionable company, contributing to our community’s social, economic, and environmental success through the donation of time, talent, and charitable giving. VAST owners and staff regularly:

  • Volunteer in leadership positions on charitable boards, foundations, and community organizations;
  • Donate in-kind equipment and personnel for training opportunities, as well as community-led park, recreation, and trail development projects;
  • Make monetary contributions to regional sports groups, College of the Rockies, multiple charitable organizations, and community initiatives;
  • Sponsor and support numerous community and fundraising events;
  • Participate in professional associations and regulatory bodies