Meet Franklin Mendoza, Jr. Environmental Professional with VAST Resource Solutions. Franklin earned his Bachelor of Engineering at the Universidad Distrital Francisco Jose de Caldas, located in Bogota, Colombia, and has a Master’s Degree in Cartographic Geotechnologies (applied to Engineering and Architecture) from the universities of Valladolid and Salamanca, Spain. Franklin continues his education at College of the Rockies, pursuing a Certificate in Arts and Science.

“I was born in Neiva, Huila, a small city to the southwest part of Colombia. I moved to Bogota for university and worked as an engineer there from 2001 to 2022,” said Franklin. “As a recent immigrant to Canada, I joined VAST to support various businesses in conducting Environmental Site Assessments in the East Kootenay, while completing my studies at the College of the Rockies.

“As part of my job responsibilities, I conduct site inspections, gather field observations, evaluate operations and activities, research historical information, and assess potential environmental risks for future developments or activities at the sites. I thoroughly evaluate everything to ensure the site is safe and suitable for its intended use and recommend actions to reduce adverse environmental effects.”

Franklin chose the field of environmental engineering because he wants to contribute to healthy ecosystems and communities.

“Professionally, my interest is to help organizations address environmental concerns, while also considering social and governance impacts. My goal is to help organizations grow systemically, while understanding that each decision impacts the market, clients, and society,” said Franklin.

“I am seeking projects where I can utilize my passion for maps and aerial photography. My interest lies in studying the natural formations around rivers, forests, and lands, and understanding the causes that explain the changes in these areas. Additionally, I am passionate about developing areas responsibly, without negatively impacting the uniqueness of these natural areas around us. It is crucial to be mindful of the way we develop, as there is plenty of land to develop, but we must do so in a responsible manner.”

Franklin moved to Cranbrook in 2022. He likes the area, and all the outdoor recreational opportunities available.

“Cranbrook is surrounded by beautiful lakes and natural parks, offering a city lifestyle within a natural paradise. Every site inspection is like exploring a new area for me, which is fantastic. I used to live in a large city, so Cranbrook has allowed me to discover experiences I didn’t know existed. There are endless opportunities to explore the outdoors throughout all seasons.”

Although busy balancing work with school, Franklin tries to find time to ride his mountain bike and adventure through the forested areas nearby.

“I also love cooking, but sometimes finding the ingredients I used back in Colombia is challenging. After living here for some time, I miss those flavours. Colombians say, ‘Love enters through the stomach’. I would recommend all of you trying Colombian cuisine someday.”

VAST is thrilled to have Franklin as part of our team. He brings a unique skillset and breadth of experience and knowledge that enhances our services and advances projects thoughtfully and effectively. Thanks for all you do, Franklin.

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