Agriculture: If you own land and want to farm it, extract resources, develop the property, or subdivide it, VAST not only offers a full range of agricultural, environmental, and engineering services but also has the expertise and regional knowledge to efficiently navigate the permitting processes of multiple regulatory agencies.

Agriculture Use: Our team of professional and technical agrologists have more than 30 years of experience in agricultural planning, production, and management.

Services include:

  • Soil and agricultural land capability and suitability assessment reports for ALR projects (food production and food sustainability)
  • In-season soil and crop assessments (crop health, yield estimation, wildlife damage, irrigation uniformity/efficiency, etc.)
  • Crop planning and fertility management
  • Land use inventories and assessments
  • Geomatics and survey solutions to support detailed mapping and data acquisition
  • Weed and invasive plant management

Non-farm Use & ALR Application: If you are a landowner seeking approval for non-agricultural land use (such as sand or gravel extraction), VAST can help you navigate all aspects and requirements of your application. Engage us early in the process and save yourself time, stress, and potentially money.

We can help you with:

  • Mine and reclamation plans for ALR non-farm use applications
  • Environmental assessment and permitting subdivision

Thanks to the diverse expertise of our 55+ in-house staff of scientists, engineers, technicians, and foresters, as well as our extensive professional network and local knowledge, VAST has emerged as a first-choice advisor, depended on to manage complex projects across multiple industries.