Mining is a vital industry with a critical role to play in the transition to a lower-carbon future. VAST believes the Canadian mining industry has the determination, talent, and ingenuity to succeed in addressing today’s most pressing environmental challenges while strengthening the sustainable advancement of industry.

VAST supports the environmentally responsible extraction of metals and minerals. Our team delivers integrated environmental, engineering, geomatics and survey services throughout all stages of the mine life cycle: exploration, feasibility, mine-site design and planning, permitting, construction, production, and, lastly, closure and reclamation.

Our mining sector clients trust us to deliver comprehensive and integrated solutions that result in scientifically sound project outcomes. Over the last decade, through superior client care and customer service, we have become a trusted mining sector expert with an extensive range of in-house technical abilities, skills, and knowledge. We’re subject matter experts on local wildlife, ecosystems, soils and bedrock, water networks, and vegetation. We’re connected to local governing bodies, deeply rooted in our community, and we understand regulatory requirements at the local, provincial and national levels.

The clients we serve in this sector range from landowners with private rock quarries and aggregate pits to global companies setting a world standard for sustainable mining through cutting-edge technology and innovative practices.

Thanks to the diverse expertise of our 55+ in-house staff of scientists, engineers, technicians, and foresters, as well as our extensive professional network and local knowledge, VAST has emerged as a first-choice advisor, depended on to manage complex projects across multiple industries.